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Arthur & MariaElena Del Rio in Fontana - 5.0

Date: 2023-03-16

Project: Tree, trimming and palm, trimming cleanup

Very happy with their work very easy to talk to, and explained the work to be done did a really good job \r\nAlso, they were all protected with their safety devices hardhats and gloves\r\nthanks FR\r\n

Jeff Herbert in Woodbridge - 1.0

Date: 2022-11-21

Project: Woodbridge

They would actually get a “0” if it was available. Pull up to my townhouse and see a big bucket truck in my front yard pruning a tree in the common area. I asked the 3 workers who the boss was and one of them replied he was in charge. I asked why the truck was on my front yard. The “boss” said “ don’t worry about it, we put plywood down so what’s the problem .” \r\nI said my house, my tree in my front yard and my front yard. He said “call the HOA.”\r\nThis coming from the boss and his 3 other employees that had no safety equipment. No hard hats and no regard for anyone’s property. They eventually backed out of my yard across the pavement. They left ruts in the yard. They left debris from the tree they were pruning in my front yard. After that they stayed in front of my yard leaning on their equipment doing nothing. \r\nMy recommendation is no one use this fly by night company. Apparently my HOA hired a company that was probably cheap and boy does it show. Very unprofessional and looks like a bunch of guys hired off the street corner!

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